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  • Writer's pictureJasdeep Singh West Hartford, CT UConn MBA

Jasdeep Singh Scholarship

For First-Generation Of College Attendees And The First Generation Of Immigrants

I was born in Connecticut to two wonderful parents who emigrated from India in the 1970s. Education was the reason both my father and uncle, and subsequently my mother, were able to enter Canada and the U.S. respectively. Education literally opened worlds for them.

While it is true that many Indian families believe in the value of education, my parents embodied this belief both in their lives and in mine.

Education is also something that no one can take away from you. My father had a life-threatening illness and struggled at times to even get to work. Due to his education, a masters in both mechanical and electrical engineering, he was able to find ways to do his work effectively and provide for his family during his life and even after his death.

My mother had a bachelor’s degree that allowed her to take on positions at insurance companies in the Hartford area to keep our home running. She was also able to educate herself on how to manage financials, plan for our families’ future, and expand her technology skills.

To them, education wasn’t just a paper earned, it was life forming and lifesaving. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide two hard working students with a little help to achieve their goals. College can be one of the surest ways to a stable future if debt is not an obstacle.

I’ve attended the University of Connecticut and the University of Hartford for multiple degrees, and am currently back at UConn for my MBA. This summer, I’m a business consultant intern with the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CCEI) and the CT Small Business Development Center (CTSBDC). Education has always been a part of my life and my family is honored to be able to help two students in some small way.

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