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  • Writer's pictureJasdeep Singh West Hartford, CT UConn MBA

Microcredentials - Focused & Powerful

Microcredentials are expanding rapidly into the world of business.

Microcedentials started in the education space as a way to support teacher professional development but their applications for business are limitless. Technology, operations, and supply chains are constantly evolving and helping people to help themselves to either tool up for a career or stay up to date in a current one is a win-win for companies and employees.

Something as straightforward as advanced Excel could help someone bring greater efficiencies to their job or company while also exposing them to new learning, which always has tangential benefits.

These badges and certificates shouldn’t be made to replace full degrees, nor should they be simply given away for participation. They should be earned through vetted programs and bring applicable knowledge and skills to the learner in a focused area of study. Skills such as data visualization, presentation platforms (save us from template PowerPoints!), visual design, or HR analytics are all highly sought-after skills that can be taught in online formats. Topics like these may also be implemented by learners effectively and efficiently.

Microcredentials allow the learner to take charge of their own learning as well as support a company’s professional learning for employees.

This article from provide more background and context of microcredentials: Micro-credentials: A key tool for closing skill gaps

By: Jasdeep Singh West Hartford, Connecticut


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