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  • Writer's pictureJasdeep Singh West Hartford, CT UConn MBA

Machine-Learning and AI, Helping People Help People

Technology can actually work to improve client-oriented professionals' work as well as their skills

While this article focused on education, there are exciting connections to client-oriented careers such as medicine or financial advising. Machine learning-AI have the potential to support service providers, clients/students/patients, and systems. The most important factor that affects client success is always the provider. A professional’s effectiveness stems from: positive relationships and content skills.

The relationship between the provider and client allow for trust as well as shared knowledge. Effective service builds on the relationship with timely content and skilled work. Anything that supports that work is mutually beneficial and anything that interferes with the interactions is costly to everyone.

The possibilities of AI and adaptive/supportive technology, are intriguing:

-remove some administrative tasks that pull professionals away from clients (or lead to frustration)

-create effective and adaptable PD for providers to develop their growth

-adjust plans for clients in need of targeted communication or support

-assess plans to provide clients and providers with actionable feedback

-opportunities for clients to increase ownership

Author: Jasdeep Singh, MBA Candidate, Analytics and Interpersonal-Leadership to Accelerate Business Innovation and meet Company-Client Goals


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