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Valuing an early stage company is as much monetary value as conceptual value.

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Book Selection

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Title: The Lean Startup

Author: Eric Ries

Entrepreneurship is part art and part science. The challenge is that the structure, planning, execution, and in-process goals for a startup can be hard to quantify. Here, Ries makes the complex tangible and understandable. Unlike many books in the area, which can be either too vague or read as self-promotional, Ries tries to balance his experience with more generalized content to be applied to any business.

The Lean Startup is a must-read for any budding entrepreneur or angel investor.

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Jasdeep Singh

Jasdeep Singh

I am currently Chief Executive Officer of SingleTimeMicroneedles. having completed my MBA from UConn. My experience and areas of expertise include start-up consulting, entrepreneurship, organizational leadership, data driven decision-making, and adult education. 

Being able to help others by utilizing science, technology, experience, and knowledge to facilitate creativity, growth, and collaboration have consistently been the most uplifting parts of my work. 

Having had many roles in my professional career, I have been responsible for strategic planning, teaching and learning, marketing, stakeholder communication and presentations, personnel, and budgets.

I'm a lifelong learner and  amateur writer.

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